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Sharing a Cryptographic Sandwich with the DevOps and SecOps Community | A SandboxAQ Brand Story with Marc Manzano

Episode Summary

In this Brand Story episode of the Redefining CyberSecurity podcast, host Sean Martin is joined by guest Marc Manzano from SandboxAQ to discuss the importance of future-proofing cryptography and the role of Sandwich, a meta library that enables secure cryptography-enabled application development.

Episode Notes

In this Brand Story podcast episode, host Sean Martin is joined by guest Marc Manzano from SandboxAQ. They explore the importance of future-proofing cryptography and the emerging field of quantum-resistant cryptography.

The conversation revolves around the challenges of migrating to new cryptographic algorithms and the unknowns surrounding this process. They discuss how NIST is leading the way in defining new standards and the need for organizations to prepare for the upcoming changes. Marc introduces Sandwich, a meta library developed by SandboxAQ, which provides cryptographic agility and an easy-to-use API for secure application development with cryptography capabilities built-in. Marc explains how developers can download and build Sandwich, customize it with specific ingredients or features, and integrate it into their application development environment.

In addition to Sandwich, the Security Suite by SandboxAQ is highlighted as a tool to help organizations modernize cryptography management. It provides visibility into where and how cryptography is used, along with modules for observability, compliance, and remediation. The Security Suite also offers optimization of cryptographic operations to reduce resource consumption and improve performance.

Sean and Marc also touch on the challenges organizations face in understanding and implementing encryption and the collaboration between developers and security teams in managing encryption within the broader engineering and security operating environment. They discuss how Sandwich can help overcome hurdles and elevate security posture, allowing developers to focus on application development while the framework takes care of security.

Overall, this episode provides insights into the evolving field of quantum-resistant cryptography, the importance of secure application development with cryptography at its core, and the role of tools like Sandwich and the Security Suite in enhancing cybersecurity practices, all aiming to educate listeners on the challenges and solutions in cryptography management.

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