Redefining CyberSecurity

Redefining CyberSecurity Podcast
Hosted by Sean Martin, CISSP

Have you ever thought that we are selling cybersecurity insincerely, buying it indiscriminately, and deploying it ineffectively?

For cybersecurity to be genuinely effective, we must make it consumable and usable. We must also bring transparency and honesty to the conversations surrounding the methods, services, and technologies upon which businesses rely. If we are going to protect what matters and bring value to our companies, our communities, and our society, in a secure and safe way, we must begin by operationalizing security.

Executives are recognizing the importance of their investments in information security and the value it can have on business growth, brand value, partner trust, and customer loyalty.

Together with executives, lines of business owners, and practitioners, we are Redefining CyberSecurity.